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Arts Council England funding

My project "Potatohead" was awarded funding to create a 1 hour performance through R&D in collaboration with Sh!t Theatre and a wider artistic team.  With the funding it enabled my artistic practice to develop a professional 1 hour performance ready for future touring. I also lead 3 puppet workshops which developed my teaching skills that can be used for future teaching projects. 



WEEK 1 -2

Southlands Studios York 

Prop making and puppetry making in preparation for Folkestone Puppetry residency with Sh!t Theatre

IMG_3903 3.HEIC


Folkestone R&D residency with Sh!t Theatre at the Glassworks in Folkestone. Reviewing narrative structure and using writing exercises such as automatic writing and list making to create content. 

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Potatohead work in progress sharing at Ventnor Fringe Festival with feedback. This was a great time to know how audience's responded to particular parts most successfully. It also made me think about new narrative structures for the show and the practicalities of presenting the work in a low tech venue. 


WEEK 5-6

CLAY LEEDS developing movement, choreography and scripts. I worked with Shit Theatre and Lydia Cottrell to refine content ready for live performance. This also included work with multimedia including videos, sound and lighting. 

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 15.22.50.png
Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 15.23.11.png

CAMDEN FRINGE - Camden People's Theatre perform "Potatohead" for new audiences in London. This was a great way to discover audience reactions to the performance and hone my performing skills, concepts and on stage persona. I think that this is crucial to the development of this show. As well as this I have connected with industrial proffessionals including Camden People's Theatre, SOHO Theatre, Museum of Comedy and Pleasence Theatre. I also recieved a review of my performance that can be used to further my marketing of the show for 2022.


Marketing Design

Emily Hayes created graphic content and animations for advertising and marketing my show. This eye catching a fun design can be used in the future to entice new audiences to engage in my performances. It can also be used for marketing to industry professionals, theatres and festivals.



Audience reactions to scratch performance. These notes can be used to further the show with my plans to tour it for 2022. 

  • It is one of those shows that needs to get out there, and be honed in front of an audience. – Its fabulous, its relationship to the audience is beautiful.  – It is going to get slicker and even more fabulous. Because it is nice to join in the fun. I liked Charlotte .

  • It was so f****** great. I laughed so much. First bit was the funniest. The middle of the story was quite quick. Some of the props could have been easier to see. But honestly it was f******* great. Theatrically and comedy 10/10. I loved it. 

  • I liked the potatoes. I liked Gary Lineker the most. I love him. 

  • 1. Favourite bit – the Night Club. 2. Audience shout out for Charlottes souls a bit long. 3. Funny, likeable - Sometimes lost amongst other characters. I wanted to feel more invested in the fight for her soul. 

  • The potato club in the suitcase was my fav bit. All them puppets were superb! More Gary Lineker. More party hats- further into audience. Charlotte was great maybe a bit rushed- she is great.

  • Sexy potato is favourite potato. Hash brown is favourite meat space potato.

  • I love Charlotte. I love her songs.  Less middle – takes away. 1. Fav bits- Gary Lineker!! Would have liked to see him earlier. Could he sing a song?

  • Fav bit Gary Lineker. This is so funny. He should sing a song. More! Less 7 deadly sins. ( was a bit long.) Charlotte I liked I felt sorry for her- Love the face. PS I did not know the song at the end. 

  • Fav bit Gary Lineker. More puppets moonwalking and strutting. Finger legs are great. More Silly sudden movements. 

  • Devil puppets and moving eyes are fav bit. Chips on shoulder! More / bigger puppets or fatties. Bigger Disco case. Love smiley potato from school dinners.

  • It’s lovely that the puppets are incidental. The character of Charlotte and her journey is so funny. Beautifully surreal and anarchic. 

  • Perfect apart from the technical issues. Very funny- Very endearing. Fav bit- The chip hands bit because it was surreal! Would like to see more stand up bits. I feel that Charlottes character is adequately silly. 

  • Fav bit. I loved the beginning. It caught me, it was fun, clear and I was in for the ride. Strong start!! Charlotte is great . I’d like to see more of the rise and fall from fame. Does she go mental at one point? More/Less - Make Gary more evil and grotesque. Make more of the club. It lacked energy. I wanted to see Charlotte get more swept up in it. 

  • Loved , loved , loved the concept. A little bit untidy in the story some times. But thoroughly silly and entertaining.

  • I liked the film of Charlotte in the supermarket because it mixed crazy with the real world. – I liked Elvis on the loo- just because! I liked the sing along because it’s nice to join in the fun. 

  • I really liked Charlotte character. I was rooting for her. It took me a minute to understand her motive. But very funny!

  • Fave bit “my name is Charlotte and clip clop shoes. More of the poster/ re-made Walkers stuff. 

  • Charlotte is great but at moments lost amongst all the characters. 

Puppet Workshop

Here are some photographs of participants of my puppetry workshop in CLAY Leeds, Online and at Southbank Studios York. The puppets individuals created were very impressive, participants met new people and learnt and new skills. I plan to use these workshops in the future to create a regular event for young people and adults. 

IMG_4436 2.jpg
Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 16.02.20.png

Film Documentation

Nathan Riley worked with a film crew to create a full film of my work in progress scratch performance + film trailer to send to theatres and industry professionals for booking a tour for 2022. This will help to elevate my career and market my show to new audiences. 

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